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What if the "obstacle" in our way is really our teacher? What if the very thing we believe is holding us back is really there to teach us what we need to learn before we can move on?  

"The obstacle is the path." ~ Zen Proverb

Both good and "bad" stress are often overwhelming and make it hard for us to make good choices. It can be difficult to see that we have any choices at all.

Good therapy does not provide you with someone else's answers.  Good therapy guides you in finding your own path, your own wisdom and your own truth.

I believe therapy is the intentional process of opening 

the door between where you are now and where you choose to be going. As you deepen your relationship 

with Self, you begin to experience a very real transformation.

In addition, each of the methods I use in my practice are evidence-based, proven effective and supported by substantial research. Each page and description of my work here includes research references for your convenience.  

Each of these treatment processes are ideal to address and resolve symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, mood disorders and relationship conflict.

 THERAPY AND COUNSELING for women in atlanta, ga

Therapy and counseling in Atlanta, GA since 2005.

melissa lester olson, msw, lcsw



I am a female therapist in Atlanta specializing in therapy for women.  Women are frequently raised to disconnect from Self in order to be more focused on the needs and expectations of others.

Tell-tale signs of "disconnection" include anxiety, depression, anger, unfulfilling personal and work relationships, preoccupation with physical appearance, eating, body image, substance abuse and other addictions.

If you are asking yourself "Whose life am i living?" "Is this all there is?" or "Why am I in so much pain?" you are at an important crossroad on your path. 

Helping women become comfortable in their skin and powerful in their lives is deeply meaningful to me. I am truly looking forward to working with you.

My office is located in The Southern Dairies Complex at Therapy Works ATL in the Fourth Ward (Old Fourth Ward) section of intown Atlanta, GA.

Other nearby landmarks are Whole Foods, Ponce City Market, Dancing Goats Coffee Bar, the Fourth 

Ward Park on the Atlanta BeltLine, Little Five Points, Georgia Tech, Virginia Highlands, Decatur and Emory University. We are across the street from AMLI Old 4th Ward Apartments.