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Specializing in counseling and psychotherapy for Women in Atlanta since 2005.



I am a female therapist in Atlanta specializing in the treatment of Women's Issues.  So often, women are raised to be focused more on Others than on Self. This can lead us down a path of disconnection, first from Self and eventually from everything outside of us.

Tell-tale signs of "disconnection" include anxiety, depression, anger, unfulfilling personal and work relationships, preoccupation with physical appearance, eating disorders, body image problems, physical dis-ease and so many more.

Disconnection from Self is most often the result of trauma. Both small and large trauma can derail us from our Selves and prevent us from connecting with people and experiences in a meaningful and rewarding way.

If you find yourself wondering "Whose life am i living?" or "Is this all there is?" you may be at an important crossroad on your path. You may be ready to begin the work of getting to know your Self - and this is a moment that can change your life forever. 

The work of helping women become comfortable in their own skin and powerful in their own lives is deeply meaningful to me.  It is what drives my practice, my training and my own personal growth process.  I am looking forward to working with you.


So often, the very obstacles that we believe are holding us back are, in fact, the teachers we must learn from before we can move on.

In addition, both good stress and "bad" stress can be overwhelming and make it difficult for us to make good choices, or to see that we have choices at all.

Good therapy will not provide you with someone else's answers.  Good therapy will guide you in finding your own path, your own wisdom and your own truth.

The process of therapy is an intentional one - an opening of the door between where you are now and what you are moving toward - "Don't go back to sleep," as Rumi wrote.  "You must ask for what you really want."  Deepening your relationship with Self is a very real transformation.

And if this isn't enough good news, there's more. Therapy works!  Psychodynamic therapy, the foundation of my therapy practice, is proven to work more effectively than other forms of therapies both during the therapy process, and long after the client stops treatment.  

All of the methods I use in my practice are evidence-based, proven effective and supported by research. I have provided links to the research for you, in the event you wish to read some of it on your own.

melissa lester olson, msw, lcsw