a women's psychotherapy practice


           The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.     Joseph Campbell



I am a female psychotherapist in Atlanta specializing in the treatment of Women's issues, with a strong focus on Disordered Eating, Shifting Sexuality, and Coming Out Later in Life.  

Though working with men is not my specialty, I do accept male clients on occasion when the therapist-client fit is an exceptionally good one.  A genuine connection between you and your therapist is a foundational component of effective therapy - and so I urge you to select your therapist mindfully and to trust your instincts. 

Our work together can be a mixture of talk therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness, EFT Tapping, Hypnotherapy and various other methods.  I am also certified in The Anderson Method ®, a program that addresses overeating and overweight.

Together we will help you listen inward, hear your own true voice, perhaps for the first time, and support you as you step fully into your truest Self.  Each and every one of us deserves nothing less than a truthful, peaceful and joyful way of being. 


So often, the very obstacles that we believe are holding us back are, in fact, the teachers we must learn from before we can move on.

In addition, both good stress and "bad" stress can be overwhelming and make it difficult for us to make good choices, or even to see that we have choices at all.

Good therapy will not provide you with someone else's answers.  Good therapy will guide you in finding your own path, your own wisdom and your own truth.

Becoming more deeply connected to Self enables us to discover our own sources of joy and meaning.  And from this place, we become more deeply connected to everyone and everything around us. 

The process of therapy is an intentional one - an opening of the door between where you are now and what you are moving toward - "Don't go back to sleep," as Rumi wrote.  "You must ask for what you really want."  Deepening your relationship with Self is a very real transformation.

melissa lester olson, msw, lcsw